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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Procedure of Buying House | Cheap Houses Cavite

Step  1 : Contact Us thru email, call or text
Inquire us about the village project and model house location area, price, payments computation etc.
Step  2 : Schedule your Tripping/House Viewing
Get a date schedule. You may bring a xerox copy of Buyer’s ID, Job Contract or one month payslip so it can be evaluated once you decide to buy.
Step  3 : Reserve a Unit
Choose the location area of block and lot.
Fill up:
  •  (BIS) Buyer’s Information Sheet
  • (RA) Reservation Agreement 
Developer will then pre-evaluate Buyer’s capacity to pay base on ID, payslip, Job Contract or Latest financial statement or proof of income.  If capable, you may now pay the reservation fee.
Step  4 :  Appearance Buyer’s
Buyer's or authorized representative (Atty-in-Fact) must appear in person at Developer’s office in Makati for counseling and briefing within seven (7) days from reservation date. Failure to attend will cancel your reservation fee.
Step  5 : Pay your Monthly Equity or Downpayment 
Pls. Follow the schedule of due dates of your equity or downpayment given during reservation.
Step  6 :  Requirements Submission
Submit requirements within 60 days from reservation date. If some document  is not available, you must inform the office.
Step  7 :  Processing Loan
Processing of loan is done after equity or downpayment term. Estimated process time is 3 to 4 months depending on status of house construction.
Step  8 : Loan Take Out
Loan taken-out and payment will be released by Bank or Pag-ibig. Developer will inform you of loan take-out & guide on the next steps. Schedule payment of monthly amortization and house inspection will be given.
Step  9 : Inspection
Check if house is ready for move-in during inspection.  If there are minor retouch or repairs, another re-inspection date will be set until house is acceptable.
Step  10  : Move-in
Finally your own new house. Congratulations!!


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